Carrying the baby around aka babywearing

       Babywearing is not something I’ve heard about in the black community. I’ve seen other cultures carrying their little ones around all the time in slings and different types of carriers. I have often wondered why others practice babywearing.  So far it seems that babywearing has some pros such as:

Babies nurse better
Gain weight better
Have better digestion
Develop better
Enhanced parent-baby bonding
Less crying
Babies are more calm and content
Facilitates breastfeeding
Baby often sleeps better and longer
Very comfortable for you and baby
Hands Free to get things done(practical)

       So I have decided to give babywearing a shot. I will commit to babywearing around the house as a start. The thing I’m concerned about is spoiling him.


       This is him all nice and snug in the ergo infant insert. This insert helps to support the baby’s head until they are big enough for the carrier. This insert is soft and plush.


       I am using the insert with an infantino carrier. I think the insert was made to be used in an ergo carrier but ut fits well in the infantino carrier. I have been wearing him more so to cook and clean. I can say that he was calmer and I was able to get things done. How I love hands fŕee time…

Now im off to take a nap with the little one. ..